Friday, November 7, 2008

I have to shoot a dog...

So I got hired by someone to shoot their dog...... with my camera anyway. so i am liking the cross lighting thing so i am probably going to use it for this dog. it's a beagle. i wonder how edgy and dramatic you can make a beagle look? we'll just have to wait and see. i'm going to try something else also that i learned on the OneLight Workshop dvd. i'm gonna use a grid spot and under expose my background like a champ for a nice saturated crazy looking dog. think it'll work? i do. so there i dont really care what you think anyway.

on a different note... i have been asked to write for an up and coming online magazine/ blog site that is about aspiring photographers trying to go pro, tutorials for photoshop and lightroom. so i told them yes of course i would, and they said cool we'll even pay you. this site is not up yet, it will be alittle ways off, but we are apparently going to go ahead and start writing stuff and making video tutorials so there is enough back content for when the site does launch. hey it's just that much more exposure for me so i'm happy

DONT FORGET THE ORIGINS CONFERENCE NOV 13-15 be there or i'll come find you...sucka!

-I'm out.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Cross Lighting

so um yeah.   working on the cross lighting thing in photography  here are my results.

RESULT # 1.   ME
Cross Light

exposed for the sky then under exposed the sky by 8 stops...  speedlight on 1/2 power and fired away.  

Result # 2.

Eric Wann CEO

Eric Wann CEO
same thing only under exposed the sky by 4 stops (different time of day.
so anyway thats what i like to do.. take pictures of stuff and people.