Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Photos up !!!!!!!!!

Ok, so i made a homemade DIY Ringflash a while ago (like 2 months i think maybe 3) and i LOVE IT! i had put it away for a while for some dumb reason, but i took it out of the closet last night and took some shots of my daughter during bath time and here are some of the final results...

Daylie Bath 4

Daylie Bath

And this one is NOT from the ringflash, but i did put that special David touch to it. i call this one "The Final Countdown" simply because everytime i look at it i hear that song playing in my head... it's from her first birthday party on this past sunday

I was born for this....(can you hear the final countdown playing in the background???)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

dude... i love these photos... one day you need to come by and show me how to do this!

keep it up bro... you have epic talent for photography and manipulating it!